A thing I like this week, volume 2.

Treefort Music Fest

Every year here in town we have the Treefort Music Fest. It is a fest, as the name implies and there’s music (of course) food trucks, that’d be Foodfort, and the most important thing — for me — there is beer! This would be what they call Alefort, where many local craft beer breweries get together and feature their most delicious beer. Here’s where I spend most of my visit because I love beer, obviously. So my wife and I went and got together with some fantastic beer-lover-friends and family and had a great time tasting delicious beer.

Delete Facebook!

I have deleted my Facebook account — again. It is not the first time I have done this. A lot of times it’s just because it has gotten out of control and is my way to do clean up. This last time it’s been a little different, though. Ever since I opened the latest one, I always had weird feelings about it. I always felt and told myself it was a “necessary evil.” I have friends and family back home I wanted to keep in contact with. Facebook was (is) the only way to do so. But this recent Facebook scandal with the Cambridge Analytica thing, it gave me that last push (excuse) I needed. I know it’s not going to solve or fix anything, but I feel better by not having it. I feel like by closing it I have reclaimed control of my brain and emotions.

In other news! I have had a job interview today. I think it went well! Will see.

A thing I like this week, volume 1.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Curse of the Pharaohs DLC

If you are someone like me, that calls yourself a gamer of sorts. You are familiar with the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Probably one of my favorite game franchises of all times, aside for Metal Gear. Their latest game, Assassin’s Creed Origins, its a must play, in my opinion. Not only because of course is AC, but I am a sucker for Egyptian mythology, I love everything and anything about it. This game’s storyline takes you on a fantastic journey through ancient Egypt. Is no surprise I got so absorbed into this game the way I am. I probably have over a hundred and fifty hours invested in this game so far — love it!

This week Ubisoft released an expansion pack for Assassin’s Creed Origins, The Curse of the Pharaohs. It is the second out of two expansion packs for the game, alongside The Hidden Ones. It was amazing and creepy at the same time when I first saw one of Pharaohs coming back from the dead, and oh man, they look cool! I am probably just a few hours in into this storyline, and I have not been yet disappointed. My only complaint is the giant scorpions appearing around in the afterlife, and I don’t like scorpions at all.

Then again, I am having so much fun with this game in general. Once I finish The Curse of the Pharaohs, I will replay the whole game again, as I do, because I can’t get enough of this game.

Memory Lane, volume 1.

Found this entry I wrote 4 years ago, as a “memory” in my journaling app. Can’t believe it’s been four years. That was a fantastic Batman run by one of my favorite artists. Batman 29 was part of the Zero Year storyline, where they basically retold Batman’s origins.

Something I gotta share quick, as some of you know DC comics back in 2011 or so decided to “reboot” the universe, meaning they gave their characters new beginnings, new stories, and whatnot right. They didn’t do anything crazy like “Superman is now from f&%ing mars, and he’s green” everything is like it should be, but some things have changed. So they started giving everyone new origins and what not except for Batman. Finally, they decided okay we need to tell the origins story for the new generation, so they reached the writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo to tell the story right. We all know the origins of Batman and blah blah blah but I just read Batman issue 29, and the story and the art are so well done that I was like “OH MY GOD THEY KILLED HIS PARENTS!!!” I mean if you can throw me off like that and engage me even tho I already know what’s suppose to happen, you, as a creative team, you are doing your job right. And I have to say BATMAN # 29! WOW !!!!! Yeah, I know this is the Geek in me talking but had to share !!!

Taking a week off.

This is going to sound either very funny or very wrong, especially given my situation. But I am taking a week off. I am taking a break from job-hunting and stressing about it. From stressing about whether or not I’m going to hear from someone or checking up my email every 5 minutes, contacting or checking up on people. To realize that I have no control over people or specific processes, that there’s only so much I can do and the rest it’s off my hands. And maybe, this is probably something I shouldn’t be doing, given how desperate I need a job — or so I feel. I feel like this is something I need to be on top of, no matter what. But I also feel like I need a little break. Do other things like finally, it’s getting warm out, so let’s take Marley out to the park, or go out for a hike, take pictures, do other stuff that lifts my spirit and inspire joy. Anything else other than staying indoors stressing about things.

Then again I feel sorry for doing this, in a way. I think I don’t have the luxury to say “I am taking a week off from job-hunting.” Because I need a job, I need a real income, we (as a family) need it. But, I am sure my 2yo would appreciate spending some time out of the house and so would I.

In other news! Nothing too exciting to report. I had a phone interview that I think it went well. We will see what happens next.

A day in the life…

Ever since I became a “freelancer” my routine and habits have changed drastically. Not only has been affected because of my new found “profession” but some other life events as well. It got pretty much all over the place, a little out of control some may say. And it was like that for a while, trying to figure things out and dealing with it. However, things have changed recently. Still a freelancer but now I can say I am also a stay-home dad — and it’s excellent.

Needless to say, my personal routine has changed again. But this time things are a little more interesting. First thing in the morning, Marley wakes up (before everybody else of course), I change her diaper, prepare milk, give her the milk and sometimes she might go back to sleep. Some other times she doesn’t fall back asleep because we need to drop off mama at work. After either she wakes up, or we get back, I make coffee (always coffee first — always). I also prepare myself some breakfast. Usually, two eggs scrambled with veggies. I prepare something for the little one as well, a plate with fruits, cereal and a piece of chocolate (please don’t judge). We sit at the kitchen table set her up with her iPad Pro (actually my 10.5” iPad Pro), so she can watch some cartoons while she eats. Once she’s all set up I login into my computer, put on my helmet and start job hunting. There are several breaks in between due to a very demanding 2yo which I don’t mind at all, she’s a lot of fun. Sometimes she will get a bath, and I’ll let her play for a long while I do my computer stuff.

Then around midday is nap-time, usually a struggle but I have found ways to make it happen. For example, “Hey Siri, play Jump Around by House of Pain,” and we jump around the house until she’s exhausted. That’s when I do catch up with my nerdy podcasts, maybe watch a movie or like yesterday, take a phone interview! Then usually the afternoon may vary, we play or watch cartoons or just go out and about.

So I am both a freelancer and a daddy-daycare and to be honest, it is a lot of fun (a lot of work too), and it makes me happy. Getting to spend so much time with my daughter is one of the best things I have right now. Yes, I would love to find a job and get some real income, and I’m doing everything within my power to achieve that, or at least I think I am. But I have no control over certain things, unfortunately, but spending time with Marley and play around, teach her things, it is so awesome, and I love it!

My professional life is a little screwed up at the moment, but my heart is content. Perhaps I should find a job where I could work from home? Maybe start the most fabulous successful blog in the world? Probably not, this is just a thing I’m doing for fun. Seriously though, the day I find a job, I am sure I will be missing these moments, so better enjoy them.

In other news! I had a job interview over the phone, and I am expecting to have another one coming up, from a different company. And we will see what happens. I am sure I’ll write some nonsense about it!


Well, I think I did it! I finally figured out my Squarespace account and have it up and running. I have decided that, whilst I’m still keeping Instagram around, here’s where I’ll be sharing most of my pictures from now on. This way I will also feel like I own my content. Not sure where I’m heading with it yet, other than sharing and expose my “work”. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to start selling prints or something like that. But for now, this is for my own enjoyment.